10 UI / UX Design Trends That Will Become Popular in 2021

It is now important for startups to follow UI / UX design trends like never before. Let's be honest: 2020 turned the game upside down. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all areas of life, including the mobile app market. When millions of people around the world were stuck at home overnight, everything quickly moved online: work meetings, grocery deliveries, sports training.

Along with the number of users in the application, the number of competitors has also grown. To win the battle for user attention, it is important to know what features and elements in UI / UX design will be relevant and trendy in 2021.

The Purrweb design team has compiled a list of 10 key UI / UX design trends that will be popular among startups next year. Angey!

1. 3D graphics

Talking about trends for 2021 should definitely start with 3D design. Volumetric elements bring the interface to life and help visualize key business ideas. This is not a new trend - it has been around for a while and will definitely remain popular for the next few years. Why are we so sure? Let's tell. Many large companies like Apple or Google are using 3D elements in their mobile solutions. For example, in a recent release of the updated macOS Big Sur, Apple showed an interface with built-in 3D application icons. And the visual style of large companies sets trends for startups

Big Sur OS with 3D icons in the interface was released in November 2020

Here's a tip from our designers: Before integrating heavyweight content like 3D graphics, make sure your application is fast and fast to load.

2. Blur in interfaces

Blur not only shows that you are in fashion, but also solves the problems of functional design. Fuzzy elements help add depth to the interface and show the user hierarchy. In other words, using blur, you can highlight important buttons and show the user where to look.

Blur is not a universal trend: it is ideal for solutions on iOS, but looks unnatural in applications on Windows. Despite the fact that blur can be called one of the biggest trends in UI / UX design next year, no one knows what will happen to it next. Honestly, even within the Purrweb development team, there is no consensus on this.

Here's what our lead designer Vadim Subbotin says about it:

“Blure is going to die soon. This happens once every six months: the trend dies, then the generation of designers is replaced, newcomers look at old, liked works, do the same - and now the blur is “in trend” again. "

Regardless of the future fate, the blur will definitely still be trending in 2021.

If you need ideas on how to integrate blur into your interface, examples can be found here .

3. New neomorphism

Neomorphism is not a new trend. It fired in late 2019 - early 2020, and during this time it managed to turn into an anti-trend. Neomorphism comes from the words "new" and "skeuomorphism" - a design with elements that imitate real objects. Skeuomorphism was popular back in the 2000s, and recently a new version of it appeared - neomorphism.

The fashion for volumetric interfaces has led to the fact that all and sundry began to do this, not paying attention to details and quality. In 2021, only the best will remain, and well-done shadows, volume and gradients will be trending. All this together constitutes a new neomorphism.

4. UX copywriting

Text is one of the ways to interact with users, and the quality of the copywriting is just as important as the visuals in the app. For example, did you know that the user's desire to click on a button depends on what words you put on it? A good UX copywriter on the team will help solve many communication problems and increase application user engagement by up to 17%.

Since actions speak louder than words, here's an example of what well-designed UX copywriting can do for a company. Every year, streaming service Spotify announces “Wrapped,” personalized reports for listeners. They always do it in a fun and perky way, but in 2020, the company has especially worked on the texts in the report. As a result, we all saw endless screenshots on Instagram Stories, and on the day the reports were released, Spotify's stock surged 16% to its highest ever.

“You know how to listen. Share this with your exes ”and“ Thank you for spending all 67 months of 2020 with us. ” We also couldn't resist and added these screenshots to the article - that's what good UX copywriting does.

UX copywriting is sure to be one of the top 10 mobile design trends in 2020 .

5. Icons and emoji

Technology and new developments have certainly influenced the way we perceive information. We are used to focusing on symbols, not words, and icons and emoji are clear to everyone around. No matter what language you speak, you will understand that 💵 = money and 🧑🏻‍💻 = developer.

Emoji affect how we perceive and read information, as well as what message we receive from the text. Research shows that we draw conclusions about people and their tone of voice based on the emoji they use in dialogue. Therefore, the introduction of icons and emojis into the interfaces of mobile solutions will become one of the leading trends in UI / UX design in 2021.

Users pay attention to emoji first, then words. Use symbols wisely!

6. Dark theme

This feature first appeared in several applications a couple of years ago, and in 2020-2021 it has already become mainstream, but in a good sense of the word. The dark theme is not only stylish but also practical. Firstly, this mode saves battery power for some types of screens. And secondly, it mitigates the harmful effects on the eyes of users in poorly lit rooms.

Today, almost every application allows you to switch to night mode, and some of them, in order to "poke around", immediately make only a dark theme. We propose to follow the trends of mobile design wisely, and develop applications with two modes and the ability to switch between them.

7. Super-appa

We guarantee that in 2021 everyone around will strive for simplification, including large companies. Super Appas are an all-in-one concept. It not only makes it easier to access various services such as a movie theater, food delivery, taxis and music, but it also makes the design clearer and more minimalistic.

For example, Yandex recently introduced the Yandex.Go super-app, which combined several solutions: Yandex.Eda, Yandex.Taxi, Yandex.Lavka, and so on. The idea is simple: users only need one smartphone app that covers all of their needs. This saves time and some space on the phone's memory.

When it comes to a multifunctional application, making complex interfaces is no longer relevant in 2021. Related to this is the next trend in web design and mobile apps.

8. Minimalism, not brutalism

Rough, heavy-looking brutalism in UI / UX design is going to be super outdated in 2021. This style was inspired by the specific architecture of the USSR and disappeared back in 2018. Brutalism has proven inconvenient, difficult to develop, and inefficient to use for both designers and startup owners. Therefore, pretentious fonts and awkward graphics have been replaced by clean and clear minimalism.

9. Mini-devices

One of the key trends in UI / UX design is apps you don't even need to download. Instead, you can simply follow the link or scan the QR code and then access the service. For example, you can rent an electric scooter or order food delivery from a local cafe. This trend gives smaller companies the opportunity to reduce development costs and gain new customers. These benefits are vital for startups in the face of a global pandemic.

10. Air interfaces

Light airy design is one of the modern design trends in 2021. This style complements the fashion for developing minimalist applications. Aerial interfaces are intuitive and interactive, and the content is easy to read and understand by the user.

Our designer Polina Tolmacheva explains: “Everything that is pleasing to the eye and easy to use is aerial interfaces. Do not overload the user with your design delights - everyone already knows that UI / UX studios can do cool things. Better - pastel colors, light backgrounds and comfortable UX. "

An app that helps manage stress and anxiety should inspire confidence and create a homely atmosphere by visually relieving stress through colors and fonts.


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