ExDialer Android App For Android 12


Why ExDialer not working in android 12 anymore?

ExDialer users are getting frustrated due for ExDialer not showing contacts in Android 12. XDA Forums are loaded with discussions and it is working for few of them.

What is the ExDialer issue with contacts in Android 12?

ExDialer Users are unable to load the contacts and call history is inaccessible anymore.

Why Contacts and Call History inaccessible in Android 12?

In Android 12, contacts can be accessed by default dialer only! As ExDialer is no longer being maintained, there is no legit way to fix this. The good news is you can now get a brand new ExDialer with no issues, no plugins required to make it work.

New ExDialer by 360Brains?

360Brains , a renowned mobile apps development company in California, USA, is recreating ExDialer. It is still under development but it's evolving rapidly. Continuous regular updates are being released every second week for new ExDialer by 360Brains.

How and from where can you get ExDialer again?

You can download and install ExDialer app in your mobile phone from Google Play Store within few clicks. This updated app is going to work perfectly with android 12 without any issue that exists in old ExDialer app.This app is available on google play store. Must give us feedback to support if you find everything according to desire.

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